Fascination with Space Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a fascination with space. Anytime I was up late enough to see the stars, as a young child, I remember just gazing up and feeling this sense of awe, at how vast it was.  When I was in middle school, we moved […]

Fall Family Session When I lived in Ohio, Fall was my favorite season. I suppose it’s still my favorite season, but fall is a little bit different down here in Florida. It’s different in that, it’s not different. It’s exactly the same as the rest of the year. I will save my sob story that […]

A String of Bad Luck Ya’ll this family had the worst luck for their session. Between last minute changing TDY dates on them, and then a car accident on the way to see me (thank God no one was hurt!), it took a lot for them to make it to their session out in Gulf […]

The Durham Family I absolutely love this family. They have been to see me for Easter, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day and everything in-between. There is no greater compliment, than when a family continually returns to see you, and trusts you to capture their family and all their important milestones. They are some of the […]

The World is a Small Place   A lot of you guys know that I grew up in the Netherlands. My dad was in the Air Force, and while he was stationed there, I attended high school. Because there was no actual military base, we were bused over an hour away to an international school. […]

The Most Important Question No One Thinks to Ask Their Newborn Photographer Today I want to take a moment to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: Newborn Photographer Safety. I get so many inquiries every week from potential mamas about newborn sessions. Most of their inquires are full of […]

The Young Family When these girls’ mama contacted me to say she had three girls and wanted an elegant, girly, white lace shoot I was ALL in. I’ve had TWENTY SEVEN NEWBORN BOYS IN A ROW. Let that sink in for a minute….TWENTY SEVEN. You had me at girly. And lace. I’m pretty sure I’m not […]

Exploring New Places One of my favorite things to do, photography wise, is scout out new places. I love to just wander around somewhere new and check out all the new spots to shoot. I love to be inspired by new locations and new places to chase light. This was my first time to this […]

I’m usually not one for super sappy-over-the-top-loving-in-your-face-posts. We all have that one friend on Facebook that raves about how amazing their spouse is, until you see them filing for divorce the following week. But today, I want him to know how loved he is. So this is your disclaimer, my awesome readers: this IS a […]

Photographer Friends When I lived in Ohio a few years ago, I didn’t have one photographer friend. I have been so blessed, since moving here with an amazingly supportive and truly encouraging network of fellow photog-pals. I have  a whole handful of other creative photography friends to bounce ideas off of, talk all things business […]